Centre de tri de matériaux secs Centre de tri de matériaux secs

Drop off your dry materials at one of our sorting centres

We’ll take care of the rest!

Dry materials depot

Ecocentre and sorting centre

Service aux entrepreneurs

Services for contractors and companies

Want to get rid of your construction, renovation and demolition debris yourself, but in an eco friendly and responsible way? We have the perfect solution for you: access to our ecocentre and two sorting centres.

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Service aux particuliers

Services for individuals

Looking to renovate your home sustainably (eco-house), remodel your interior, do essential work, or even build your dream home?

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Nos centres de tri

Our sorting centres

Individuals and contractors can drop off their dry materials (construction, demolition, renovation or cleaning debris) at our Chambly and Châteauguay sorting centres.

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Dry materials accepted at our sorting centres

Do you have wood, paint, cardboard, branches or other materials you need to get rid of? See the full list of materials we accept.

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Superficie centre de tri

with over 2 000 000 FT2 of surface area, the sky’s the limit when it comes to sorting your materials

The dry materials depot has been open for over 10 years, providing service to individuals, contractors and companies.

The ecocentre is a site where waste materials are reused, recycled and renewed. We take materials that are not accepted by regular household and residential/commercial construction waste collections.

We recycle approximately 250,000 tons of material per year.

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