Matières recyclables résidentielles Matières recyclables résidentielles

Services for individuals

Get rid of your recyclable materials at one of our sorting centres

Looking to renovate your home sustainably (eco-house), remodel your interior, do essential work, or even build your dream home?

Whatever project you have in mind, we’ll help you get rid of your recyclable materials.

  • Construction project
  • Outdoor renovation project
  • Interior remodelling project
  • Landscaping project
  • Demolition project
  • Plumbing and installation project
  • Disaster clean-up project

Easy to access with your personal vehicle, trailer, semi-trailer, etc.

We specialize in getting rid of your recyclable materials. We put our expertise to work to reduce the amount of waste incinerated or sent to landfills.

Directions to our sorting centres

Centre de tri


Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm
Sunday closed

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Container rental

You have a large amount of recyclable materials but don’t have a trailer or a truck to drop them off with? No problem! We’ll rent you a container and deliver it straight to your door. Once it’s full, simply give us a call and we’ll come pick it up.

Visit the website for our container rental division.

Rent a container
Location de conteneur